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World Book Online

WorldBook Online logoWorld Book has been the trusted encyclopedia of school and public libraries for decades. World Book Online engages users with a progressive sequence of core databases supported by tools and supplemental sites, including translations to over 100 languages, primary source material, educator resources, and a plethora of games, science projects and activities.

Within World Book Online, you will find:

  • Kids, designed to encourage the young learner to be curious and increase subject matter comprehension, enhance skills and foster a love of learning. Click here to watch video tutorials and learn more.
  • Student, designed to make knowledge accessible and easy-to-find for all kids in elementary through middle school. Click here to watch video tutorials and learn more.
  • Timelines, a resource which allows users to search more than 650 pre-generated timelines and 14,000 events in a highly interactive and customizable database. Access Timelines to learn the chronological significance of world events and the lives of notable historical figures. Click here to watch a video tutorial.
  • L’Encyclopédie Découverte, World Book's French-language encyclopedia. Click here to watch a video tutorial to learn more.

Accessing World Book Online

It's easy to access World Book Online. Click here to get started.

If you are accessing World Book Online from inside the Library, you will not need to sign‐in. You will automatically have access to all content.

If you are accessing World Book Online from outside the Library, you will have access to all content after entering your Library Card Number.