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Historic Library Agreement

For Immediate Release:       Historic Library agreement

The Municipality of the District of St. Mary's (MODSM) and Eastern Counties Regional Library (ECRL) signed a historic agreement at the Sherbrooke Public Library on April 10, 2024. The agreement, a memorandum of understanding, was developed after months of meticulous discussions between MODSM and ECRL representatives. The process was expertly guided by a consultant from Davis Pier, appointed by the province. Achieving this agreement is a significant milestone in their partnership as it is crucial to enhancing library service in the area.

The MOU is a groundbreaking initiative in the province, setting a new standard for library partnerships. It includes innovative mechanisms to foster creativity and resolve conflicts, reflecting the forward-thinking approach of MODSM and ECRL. The development of the agreement underwent thorough reviews by both the Council and the ECRL Board and was formally approved by both partners, further highlighting its unique and significant nature.  

“The Municipal Council believes in the Sherbrooke library and understands how much the Library can contribute to the community. Council has continually worked to help build the Library’s vitality including municipal contributions to extend the library hours. Council is pleased that we are taking this next step to have a written agreement and plan that will support how the Municipality and the Eastern Counties Regional Library (ECRL) will work together to better facilitate communication and planning. The new agreement supports initiatives to work on service improvements and helps provide a format for us to stay responsive to public needs,” said Warden Greg Weir.

“ECRL is pleased to be a signatory to this agreement with the Municipality of the District of St. Mary's that lays out a unique framework for providing the best service to the citizens of St. Mary's and their library needs. The cooperation reached between ECRL and the MODSM in drawing up this document will bode well for future discussions on this important task," ECRL Board Chair Clair Rankin added.


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