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Response to feedback regarding Sherbrooke Public Library

ECRL deeply appreciates the concern of Sherbrooke Public Library users and their offers of volunteer assistance. We want to thank everyone for their support of the library.

One community member said that they need to understand the problem so that they can help solve it. We agree and want to provide information about how the library operates to provide service.

The library computer system is a database subject to privacy legislation and the requirements of the Same Page Consortium which owns the system. Only fully trained employees who have signed a confidentiality agreement can access this tool for providing basic library services like circulation of library materials.

We want to reassure community members that we hear them and that we are continually working towards trying to improve service. We are very glad that we can reopen the library on January 25th.

ECRL believes that it is very important that the community is engaged and that the library hears their ideas so that they can help us to improve our services. Please email your thoughts and concerns to Laura Emery at