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Announcing Clair Rankin as Eastern Counties Regional Library’s Board Chair

Eastern Counties Regional Library (ECRL) is pleased to announce that Mr. Clair Rankin was elected as the new Library Board Chair at the January 20th, 2023, meeting. Clair brings a wealth of experience to the role having served on the ECRL board for 16 years. His other experiences in community work and volunteering activities will be useful to his new role as Chair of ECRL.

“It’s an exciting time to be around ECRL”, said Clair: “With a new library opening in Chéticamp and a new library site in St. Peter’s being planned, the presence of enhanced library services in these locations, along with the other 8 library branches spread throughout Richmond, Inverness, and Guysborough Counties, means ECRL is growing”. He also mentioned the new ‘Same Page’ service that allows library users to borrow a book from almost every other public library in Nova Scotia. “Finally, I have to give an enormous thank you to Shirley McNamara who helped guide ECRL as a Board Member for 30 years and Chair for the past 6 years”, said Clair: “Shirley sets a high standard of participation on any board she is on, and ECRL definitely benefited from her attention”.

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