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ECRL Review - Public Engagement Opportunity

Davis Pier is hosting a community conversation at the Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s Council Chambers.

What is the community consultation for?
Davis Pier Consulting is reviewing Eastern Counties Regional Library (ECRL). They want to hear directly from library users and community members.  

Monday, August 8th 2-4pm & 6-8pm
Tuesday, August 9th 2-4pm & 6-8pm

Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s Council Chambers
8296 Hwy 7, Sherbrooke, NS

Davis Pier will be there to listen and learn:
When & why do you go to your library?
When & why do you take your children to your library?
What might help you choose to go to your library more often?
What services do you need from your library? Are these services available when you to go to your library?
When is the best time for you to go to your library?

Why are they asking?
Davis Pier is focused on understanding your needs for your local library. We value your input and look forward to hearing from you. Your feedback will contribute to our recommendations for library services available to you.  

Who are Davis Pier? 
Davis Pier Consulting is a homegrown Nova Scotia consulting firm hired to make recommendations on improving your library services.  We understand how important libraries are in rural communities and we are aware of some of the challenges in providing services to library users.

Can’t join the conversation but have thoughts to share? 
We understand the location and conversation times may not work for everyone. If you want to share your thoughts on your library services, please email the Project Manager at They are accepting feedback by email until August 12th.