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Chéticamp Public Library Opening

Eastern Counties Regional Library (ECRL) is pleased to announce the Chéticamp Public Library is opening to the public on February 1st, 2023. Staff are very excited to help people sign up for a library card, introduce the space and the services available. The hours of operation will be Wednesday to Saturday, 10am-1pm and 2pm-6pm, each day. The public can contact the library by phone at 902-224-3728 or by email at The library is located at 15359 Cabot Trail. 

The opening will be a ‘soft’ launch of the library with a grand opening event to be held later in the spring. Local staff are new and there will be a learning curve as the library and the community work together to make the library the best it can be. ECRL asks for the public’s understanding that it will take time to organize volunteer activities and community partnerships.

“This is an exciting day for the Chéticamp area. Library services have been highlighted by community members as an important service. The feedback from residents has been instrumental in the design and operational hours for the library. I can’t wait to check out my first book from the Chéticamp library” said Councillor Claude Poirier, ECRL Board representative for the Municipality of the County of Inverness and representative for District 1. Warden Bonny MacIsaac commented that the Council is supportive of increased library services in Inverness County. “The current library strategy will highlight new opportunities for libraries to support and grow communities throughout the County. The opening of the Chéticamp library location is the first step in those improvements.”

“On behalf of the Library Board I want to extend congratulations to the Municipality and to Chéticamp on the opening of the 81st public library in the province of Nova Scotia” said ECRL Board Chair, Clair Rankin. “This achievement could not have happened without effective partnership between the Municipality and ECRL, the hard work of their staff and our library staff. It’s something everyone involved should be very proud of.”

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